Address: 14 6/33 Darabos St. Debrecen 4026
Phone: +36 30 277 4696 every day between 10-17 hours
4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 18. (Debrecen Plaza I. floor)
4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street 25.
5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre street 28/A (Szolnok Plaza I. floor)
5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
31 March 2023 (friday)

History of Association

Our association the so-called "Városi Diákönkormányzatért Egyesület"(Organization for Local Student Goverment) has been founded in 2001. It was established by enthusiastic young volunteers with the aim to support the Local Student Goverment as young adults, and to help the operation with professional, financial and juristical background.

The Organization has continuously developed and built its professional background and contacts. In 2003 we have become a NGO backdrop of the Association of Student Goverment in Hajdú-Bihar county which was created with out support. For the first time, in 2004 we organized the National Yout Week in Debrecen. From this year we also organise the Charity Gala Night in Debrecen. Then, the Civilians of Debrecen volunteer group was founded which also started to operate under our Organization. During this period we contributed to help the Local Student Goverment to organise the „Student Spring” in Debrecen seven times, in which we held the ball for students, the so-called „foolish graduation” , festivals and sports days.

In 2008, we went through a serious change. From this year’s fall the Organization did not ensure a backdrop for the Local Student Goverment anymore, because the whole informal enterprise had been transformed. The Civilians of Debrecen group had ceased and bacame a new voluntary program. This year the Organization helped for the High School Volunteers Association. It gives the opportunity for students to try themselves in the field of event management. In Hajduboszormeny we operated a youth club for a year, in Furdokert. We also gave professional help for the Youth Goverment in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county. Finally, this year provided an oppurtinity for us to open our new youth office in Tocoskert, Debrecen. (Köz-pont Youth Office)

The year of 2009 brought large changes again for the Organization’s life because all the objects of the Organization went through so many changes and broadened so much, that we thought it’s about time to changed our name. The Köz-pont Youth Organization as a reginal youth organization continued the sustained and value-added work.

The organization had broadened with new programs, associations and tasks in 2009. The most important change is that as a strategy partner of the Foundation for Democratic Youth, we coordinated the KÖZÖD program in eight county of East-Hungary from september 2009 to 2012. We also take part (from the sping of 2012) in the implement of the DIA 3D dispute program. Another important new change in the Organization’s life was that we started the so-called „Hallasd a hangod” program for the youth media in june of 2010, and a whole new organization started under our Organization in the spring of 2010: Children and Youth Government in Berettyoujfalu. The most important events in 2009 were the 3 Tusa Tournament, the Charity Gala in Debrencen, several sports day, the Summer Youth Festival, the „Run int he light” sport day, and the DECI professional conference.

The 2010/11 school year brought a lot of challenges again for the Organization, such as a new volunteer program started in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. We also countinued our „I am a member of the Student Goverment and I’m proud of it!” campaing, and we also created a volunteer game. We held again our Charity Gala which was also the first event of the celebration for our 10th anniversary. As for the international level, we took part in several youth exchanges and we also recevied our first EVS volunteer. The summer was about festivals: we participated in the EFOTT, the Campus festival and the World Music Festival in Panyola. The Civilians Volunteers of Debrecen Program was also very successful this year, because it won two awards: the award of the best volunteer program at county level in 2010, and at nation level in 2011.

In 2012 we opened our new office in the Nyír shopping center (Nyiregyhaza), giving place for the youth to organize and work together. Our office in Nyiregyhaza and the Genius Club Talent Program are organized exhibitions sever times here, and the „Talent Cavalcade” for young people three times, which was about to show their skills. We recevied 3 new volunteers of the EVS and we started our EVS program, too. Our office in Debrecen closed its doors in Tocoskert and re-opened in the Debrecen Plaza.
At the beginning of 2013 was the project closing conference of the Civilians Volunteers of Debrecen Program. We’ve opened our third office at the Plaza in Szolnok. Our office in Debrecen has moved again, in that time it was behind the escalator. 5 volunteer made their European Volunteer Project in our association. We organized the „Run in the light” program in Debrecen and Nyíregyháza. Our volunteer youth has also took part at „Put it there” competition. During summer we took part at the Campus Festival and World Music Festival in Panyola as well. The County Christmas Sport days has also has completed.

At the beginning of 2013 was the project closing conference of the Civilians Volunteers of Debrecen Program. We’ve opened our third office at the Plaza in Szolnok. Our office in Debrecen has moved again, in that time it was behind the escalator. 5 volunteer made their European Volunteer Project in our association. We organized the „Run in the light” program in Debrecen and Nyíregyháza. Our volunteer youth has also took part at „Put it there” competition. During summer we took part at the Campus Festival and World Music Festival in Panyola as well. The County Christmas Sport days has been aso completed.

In 2014 some new fellow workers joined to our group. The „Helping Students 2014” competition got special award at the host institution category. We gave creative classes and job orientation courses. We took part at Community Youth Service research. The County Christmas Sports days has also completed with participants from several schools. Several youth of ours have taken part in Estonia. This summer was also about festivals; we took part in Campus Festival and World Music Festival in Panyola. It’s the 10th anniversary our first Country Student Festival in Debrecen.

During 2015 in our Association 15 foreign EVS volunteer has operated and we’ve sent 4 Hungarian volunteer to other countries. We organized Youth Community Forums and workshops. We supported the civils by making Civil teahouses and CSR cafés. This was the first year when we organized the „Run in the light” occasion in 3 county. Our special event was: KDT (Carpathian-basin Student Government Meeting) which was an idea of our colleague and we could organize it cooperating with our partners. We’ve also organized our traditional events like: Gala Night, Summer Youth Festival, County Sport Days, County Christmas Sport Days, Student General Assembly. We also could develop our available services and devices.

The biggest event and success of 2016 was the Association’s 15 th birthday and the events in connection with it. The birthday events and the gala night were a great success. We made the year complete in summer with picnic, in December with some Christmas events in the offices. In the year, the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Government joined and was established in April, in addition to the two county student government we had supported so far. Thus 3 student government’s 18 youth leader have already participated in our trainings. In the summer in the Student Academy youth from Transylvania could participate in Debrecen thanks to a youth exchange program. During the year the 3 Games Tournament and the county sports days. Our organization at this time have operated three Youth Office and Community Spaces.

In 2017 the Association organized an astonishing number of 225 local volunteering activities during the year with the involvement of 98 volunteer and 356 School Community Service performer students. During the year the Run in the Light Sport and Family Day were implemented in Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Szolnok. Among the student governments we support the HABIDISZ in addition to all many programs, they have resettled to the Ratatouille festival in Esztár, also organized a donation collection of school supplies for the children in need. The SZSZBGYIÖK’s most important event of the year was that they became 10 years old and they celebrated it worthily. Resettled to the Hello Nyíregyháza event and they became an active member of the Youth Round-Table. From the programs of the JNSZDÖK the film clubs, and the resettle to the city events were standing out. It is important to tell, the KVDÖK since autumn of 2017, exactly since 26 th of September It has also been supported by the Association since the reconstituted General Assembly. The Student Governments’ youth leaders’ could participate in the year started training in Nyíregyháza, Student Academy in Létavértes and of course in the outdoor training in Panyola. Also, our Student government members could participate in the student Ball of Kecskemét and in Lakitelek-Tőserdő on an ISZOSZ student training. It was a very active year internationally, because there was a Belgian youth exchange, a youth exchange in Bröllin, DÖKSZAB in Transylvania and a Slovakian exchange where our youth participated in, also on the Partiumi Magyar Napok in Satu Mare were there. During the year we received 14 EVS volunteers. There were an international mirror project (which implemented in both countries) with a Serbian partner of ours, in which framework six country’s youth were our guests in Berettyóújfalu and in Ada (Serbia). During the year the Regional Sport Day, the Three Games Tournament, the 3. County Sport Days on Karcag, the 8. County Sport Days in Nyíregyháza, 10. County Christmas Sport Days in Debrecen, 15. Summer Youth Festival on 8 settlements were implemented. We operated in three settlements youth office and community space. We organized creative hours for children in six primary schools in Debrecen.

In the year of 2018 the Centre Youth Association continued to place great emphasis in every three counties on the volunteering activities, IKSZ events. Of these in the year 167 local activity were implemented, with involvement of 44 volunteers and 307 IKSZ students. The IKSZ exhibitions were implemented in three county seats with a big success. From the activities of the HABIDISZ stands out the 16. Summer Youth Festival’s organization, the professional round table talks’ organizing, also a Disputa program in the framework of the AKE tender programme. In the life of the SZSZBGYIÖK’s was an important moment in the year the donation collection of the school supplies, the sóstó picnic and the visit of the childre's hospital. The JNSZDÖK did school resettles, in four schools in the county. The KVDÖK drew the attention to itself with participation on the student sheep cooker and with two donation collector programmes for the local animal shelter and for the children in need. The year starter training in this year was in Karcag, the Student Academy and the Outdoor training in the proven locations. To our student governments, and our youth connects closely that one of our EFOP5.2.4 project has started with the Eötvös József Református Oktatási Központ in Heves and with the Seagull Foundation in Salgótarján, in which mentoring of young people is a central part. Our organization was very active in the international field too, because we participated in 3 international programmes (Romania 2, Germany 1). We were able to help two schools in organizing Határtalanul trips in Transylvania. During the year we organized two of our own international programs. In June in Karcag with the project title of You(th) in the future for youth of 4 countries. In Nyíregyháza we organized for the second time the Carpathian-basin Student Government Meeting (KDT). During the year 28 EVS young volunteer visited our organization. For us the so-called E days and trainings were also organized too. From the other collaborations in the year is important to emphasise the labor recruiter project with the Pannonjob, volunteer management trainings commissioned by St. Luca Church in several small settlements in the region, also the collaboration with the ÖKA-Máltai partners carried out joint professional work. As a member of the OKIDE we started the SEL project in two primary schools in Szolnok. We holding Civilian Teahouse in three counties. In Debrecen we made creative hours in six primary schools again. The 3 Games Tournament in Tiszafüred for the 7 th time, the Run in the Light at 3 locations implemented with the support of the Új Európa Fundation. In this year was organized Regional Sports Day too, also 3 County Sports Days were organized.

In 2019, as part of 153 local activities 32 volunteers 306 School Community Service performer student could participate in 3 county level volunteer programs. 3 IKSZ exhibition were implemented, and one Run in the Light! Sports and Family day in every county seats. The HABIDISZ organized a fundraiser for the animal shelter, a school forum for school student government presidents and one successful room escape event. The SZSZBGYIÖK organized escape rooms too, a successful student meeting (MEDVE) by an AKE tender, organized trainings and the team cooked in the Tirpák Festival. The JNSZDÖK continued the Film clubs, a series of school exhibitions. The KVDÖK organized a flash mob in Berekfürdő, a Christmas event, and in a framework of a project they started to work on the backup of an own office. All of three traditional trainings implemented in the year. The mentor program continued, with many additional experience-rich programs, and trips. 24 foreign volunteers helped in the year the Association. We held volunteering management trainings in eight different settlements. In Ózd we held training by the request of MRSZ, with the Csoport-Téka in Nyíregyháza. Partner meetings have now taken place within the framework of an EFOP 1.3.5 project, also County sports days, in three counties IKSZ exhibitions, and the helping of the Panyolafeszt as volunteers. The sports days events helped by the MÜISZ as a priority supporter. In the year the 17 th so far the last Summer Youth Festival have implemented.

In 2020 the coronavirus epidemic did not avoided the Association either, so between March and May and November and December we could work mostly in the online space, do activities. During these periods we organized a lot of online programs, board game club, trainings for our youth to not to lose the connection with them. It was a hard year for our student governments, where were a lot of board member changes during the year. The HABIDISZ and the JNSZDÖK launched three winning tender projects during the year. The JNSZDÖK organized their first County Student Ball. The KVDÖK opened the KIFLI on 24th of October alias the Karcag Youth and Children Office, which is became the Association’s 4 th Office, Community Space. The ISZOSZ’s professionals also could enjoy one of the SZSZBGYIÖK’s very successful and eventful escape rooms. Unfortunately, the year starter event was quashed, but the Student Academy in Debrecen, and the outdoor training in Panyola could implemented in this year. During the year 122 volunteer and IKSZ activities number is lower than the previous years, but considering the dropping out 5 months it is a great performance, especially it reached 153 volunteers and 256 IKSZ students. New activities are came from the palette for example the Audiobook makings, storytelling, bird feeder makings, donation wrap. In Szolnok and Nyíregyháza two local TOP project launched in this year. Szolnok provides experiences and knowledge to local young people in the field of culture, Nyíregyháza in the field of career orientation and entrepreneurship. The Association approaching the end of the EFOP5.2.4 consortium partnership project, but as a part of it for the mentored ones were implemented the Szolnok and Nyíregyháza trip. In project of EFOP1.3.5 student clubs, international and youth clubs were implemented in several settlements reached almost 500 youngsters. In the international field, in addition to the voluntary involvement of 22 ESCs, two international projects were launched. One of these an international dispute program within the Anna Lindh Foundation network, and the other is an international project of our Polish partner, INPRO.

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