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17 May 2022 (tuesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Creative workshop – where we help you realize our ideas!

Would you like to make unique gift for your family, friends and loved ones? We help you in this! Here at the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association, you can make a mug and badge with a unique inscription, pattern, after consultation. Also, we help you to the making of creative materials, posters, postcards, certificates, yearbooks.

Escape rooms in the FACEs

On May 9 th we held two escape rooms at the same time for the 4 th class students of the St. Miklós Greek Catholic Primary School.

Our association on the Europe Day

Europe Day was held in Debrecen on the 9th of May, where everyone had the chance to learn a lot of useful information about travelling, working, and volunteering in Europe, but also about the European Union itself.

This year we helped in the implementation of the Nagyerdő Field Marathon

On 8 th of May, on Sunday got organised the spring run of the 2022 Nagyerdő Field Marathon.

Our II. Amateur Table Tennis Championship got organised

On 6 th of May the Amateur Table Tennis Championship got organised for the second time in our youth office, where 12 beginner/hobby/amateur level young player could try their knowledge on two tables either.

We had handcrafting with the elderly people

On 24 th of May, on Thursday afternoon we visited the St. Matróna Greek Catholic Nursing Home’s residents.

The Debrecen Civilian Volunteer Program is waiting for everyone in May either

We still look forward for the volunteers, also those students, who would perform the 50 hours of School Community Service.

We did volunteer work at the Dorkász Service

On 30 th of April in the Saturday morning we went to the location of the Dorkász Service where we helped in some activities.

Motivational training weekend in April in the FACEs

We implemented training weekend either in April in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space, which’s subject was the motivation.

Meeting with the Menedékház Foundation

In this year the Menedékház Foundation visited us from Budapest. As during the last year, the volunteers came with their coordinator.

We held handcrafting occasion in the Csökkentlátók Otthona

On the activity by the reason of the forthcoming Mothers’ Day we created postcards with flowers on it.

The first SZSZBGYIÖK staff member meeting of the year has implemented

On 25 th of April the new management of the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County held its first staff member meeting.

Country Student Meeting In Tata

The Pro Dotis Association of Tata, Municipality of Tata City, Student-Self Government of Tata City (TAVIDÖK) organised the first Country Student Meeting between 21-24 of April. To the implementation of the meeting our Association given help for.

Handcraft occasion in the Józsai Community House on the occasion of Earth Day

The Cultural Center of Debrecen puts big attention to remind us about the special days of the year draw the attention of those communities. At the same time provide them with interesting programs.

Hajdú-Bihar County Forum

On March 23 the Association and the HABIDISZ (Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County) organised the XV. County Student Forum, where the new management of HABIDISZ, consisting of 6 county students, was elected.

County Co-worker Forum in Nyíregyháza

On 14th of April a county co-worker forum was organised again. The purpose of the forums among many is to discuss the past month's happenings, successes, changeable things, and to check the next month's program's and not at last to have some fun and do team building.

Student Government day at the Commercial and Catering Technical School

On April 13., a Student Government Day was held at the Commercial and Catering Technical School, which was also visited by our Association and the Student Government of the Hajdú-Bihar County.

Student government day at the Medgyessy Ferenc High School, Art School, and Technical School

On April 13, our Italian volunteer, Cecilia, gave a presentation about the topic of volunteering abroad and about the ESC program to the students of Medgyessy Ferenc High School, Art School, and Technical School.

The HABIDISZ organised a new escape room

The Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) on 13 th of April on Wednesday organised an escape room with horror topic on the Student Government Day of the DSZC Brassai Sámuel Engineer Technical School’s.

Escape rooms on the student day on Fehérgyarmat school

You can try out our escape rooms not just in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space, but we settle out with these for example to students’ days in any kind of schools in the county. On 13 th of April, we brought two escape room topics to the Deák Ferenc Primary, Secondary School and Dorm.

Open Café Reloaded

The Open Café event series have started in April either. On the occasion just a few attended but it went in a more family mood.

Preparation for Easter with DECI

We have held an Easter handcrafting occasion in the BTESZ Sick people with Addition’s Day Institute.

Our new Transylvanian volunteer have arrived to us

On 1st of March 2022 Ferenc Gráncsa ESC volunteer from Székelykeresztúr, who expectedly will be a member of our team.

Italian volunteer teaches in Debrecen

Cecilia is volunteering in Debrecen and she teaches the younger ones Italian and English language.

April’s DECI activities

We continue the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program and School Community Service activities.

Open Café Debrecen

In Debrecen the event series called Open Café opened its gates again to those people who are like to get acquaint with foreign youngsters and get know other cultures.

Open Café event series in Debrecen

The Open Café series of events took place last year, which started in the end of October and in the end of February it closed its gates for a short period of time. The young people could participate in 12 great occasions.

Country Youth Forum

On 26 th of March on Saturday was organised the V. Country Youth Forum, organised by the National Youth Council.

The new JNSZDÖK management got elected

The Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Student Self-Government management’s election took place on the County Student Forum on 24 th March 2022.

The HABIDISZ held a County Student Forum

On 23th of March on Wednesday was organised the XV. County Student Forum by the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ).

County Student Parliament in Nyíregyháza

The County Student Parliament got organised on 21.03.2022 in the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county Council’s Hall in the Bessenyei hall (Hősök square 5., 4400 Nyíregyháza) which on the students of the county’s schools participated attentively and actively.

An interesting training in Debrecen

A training took place on March 21, in the Church of the Debrecen-Széchenyi Reformed Church.

The I. County Youth Ball got organised

On 19 th of March the I. County Youth Ball was organised by the organising of the Children and Youth Student Self-Government of Szabolcs Szatmár-Bereg County and the Centre Youth Association.

We are looking for volunteers

In March we are looking for the next little ESC volunteer team with big forces from Spain, Portugal, Germany and from many other European union country to Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Szolnok equally.

The HABIDISZ is debated again

On Thursday the 17 th of March the Alliance of Student Self-Governments’ of Hajdú-Bihar County held a debate club.

Our youngsters are recited the National Song

The members of the HABIDISZ celebrated the 15 th March not in a usual way.

EYF - European Youth Foundation

In March we have started to work on the European Youth Foundation’s announced tender, which’s administration’s deadline is 1 st of April.

Extraordinary fundraising in Szolnok

Between 11 th and 13 th of March the Red cross in cooperation with the Auchan organised an extraordinary fundraising in Szolnok, because of the current conflict situation for the people who coming from Ukraine.

Jász-Nagykun- Szolnok County Blind and Visually Impaired Association’s Women’s Day event

On 10 th of March was organised the women’s day ceremony, which on the Jász-Nagykun- Szolnok County Blind and Visually Impaired Association’s among others greeted our ESC volunteer Gráncsa Ferenc as guest lecturer.

DECI activity at the BTESZ’s Day Institute of the Addicts in Spring

In March we have held an occupation in the BTESZ’s Day Institute of the Addicts two premises. On Tuesday the 8 th of March and on Thursday the 10 th of March we held handcrafting occasion again for the people there.

A New Escape Room implemented in Nyíregyháza

On 8 th of March a new escape room were implemented in the Community FACES Youth Office and Community Space.

Tons of Escape Rooms in the FACES

On 3 rd of March 2022 a 6 th grader class came to us to our Escape Rooms from the University of Nyíregyháza Eötvös József Practice Primary School and Secondary School.

We put out birdfeeders in the Nagyerdő woods

During the winter months several times we visited the Nagyerdő woods where we put out birdfeeders.

School Community Service activity in the FACEs

On 1st of March, we held a new school community service activity in our office.

DECI activity in the BTESZ’s day-time institute of sick people with Addiction

Either in February we visited the BTESZ BTESZ’s day-time institute of sick people with Addiction.

Closing event of Open Café

The closing event of the project called Open Café was organised on 11 th of February in the Fandangó Restaurant. On the event the project’s methods and purposes were introduced, the videos which we created together with our partners (Polish, Spanish, Portuguese), also the handbook which was created as the intellectual product of the project.

First Training7end in Nyíregyháza

On 4 th and 5 th of February we held a 2 days long training which’s topic was the cooperation, which interweaves our lives somewhere in smaller, otherwhere in bigger amount.

Our foreign volunteer got richer with a Snail award

After a few years, we had that honour we could give the 2021-year Snail Award to our ESC volunteer the Volunteer of the Year award.

The " Level App" training for youth workers came to an end!

Our participants are back from Poland after spending a week learning new skills with participants from Ukraine, Armenia, Hungary, Greece, Moldova and Poland. Our partner organization Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych "INPRO" hosted participants in the beautiful city of Rzeszów.

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