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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

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In Debrecen, the 12th Hajdú-Bihar County Christmas Sports Days were organized

This year, thanks to the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association and the Association of Hajdú-Bihar County Student Governments (HABIDISZ), as well as several county sports associations and other sponsors, the Hajdú-Bihar County Christmas Sports Days were held for the 12th time in Debrecen on December 11-13, 2019.

On the 12th sports day, more than 500 students from nearly 50 schools played sports together for 3 days in 3 sports at a total of 5 venues. The Debrecen Reformed College, Szent József Primary School, High School, Vocational High School and College, Diószegi Sámuel Baptist Vocational High School, Medgyessy Ferenc High School and Art Vocational High School and also the G4 Fitness Centre helped to provide a venue for the event.
In the organization of our sports event and association, it has been a great success in recent years as well. Our goal with the event is to maintain the sports culture and sports values we represent among the youth, in order to promote the importance of continuous exercise and a healthy lifestyle! The competition was open to any high school students, student sports associations, student sports circles, and sports clubs operating in Hajdú-Bihar County, without age restrictions.
In terms of results, on the first day, the female winner of the volleyball tournament was the team of Eötvös DSE, the winner of the boys was the team of Szent József Primary School, High School.
On the second day, the basketball championship was closed by the boys team of the Brassai Sámuel Technical Vocational High School of the DSZC and the girl's team of the Dóczy High School of the Reformed College of Debrecen as the winners.
On the third day, as the winner of the football championship, the girl team of the Irinyi János Vocational High School and Vocational High School of the SZC in Debrecen and the boys' team of the EURO Baptist Bilingual Grammar School were able to stand on the podium.
The event was sponsored by DECATHLON and the Hajdú-Bihar County Basketball Association.


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