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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

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HABIDISZ presents: VitakultÓra

On the afternoon of February 24, the members of the board of HABIDISZ organized a discussion afternoon for their contemporaries, which was hosted by the Újkert Community House in Debrecen. More than a dozen students attended the event. As part of the occasion called Debate Culture, young people were able to gain insight into the culture of debate.

The afternoon was, of course, preceded by a professional dispute preparation held by the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association for the leadership of the student government. Of course, one opportunity is not enough to acquire all the necessary knowledge, but they have acquired enough basic knowledge to show those interested how to argue for their positions based on the structure of the debate. Pre-event training contributed greatly to the success of the session. Students were actively involved in each task, trying to convince their peers of their idea with well-thought-out arguments. The members of HABIDISZ tried to arouse the interest of the participants as much as possible, so they took it into account to line up hypotheses that everyone can take a stand for.
In addition to the four-corner discussion, the organizers also made sure that the participants could try themselves as a team, making a joint decision. Also, another popular game revealed who is prejudiced and how much he decides based on sympathy. Students may have realized the extent to which silence on small details can influence their decisions and prejudices.
In conclusion, the session achieved its goal, based on the feedback from the students, the afternoon proved useful, during the closing the participants expressed their satisfaction and said they hope there will be such an event in the future. 


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