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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

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Online conquest game organized by HABIDISZ

The Student Government Association of Hajdú-Bihar County doesn’t rest during the quarantine period either, the first online event they organized was a Conquest game. By now the student government officially has only ex-board members, but this was not an obstacle as most of them had already re-nominated themselves in April.

On May 25th we made our online Conquest game organized by HABIDISZ. The consistence of the participants was mixed, there was a staff member at the event, an ESC volunteer, an external participant, but also a student government member from Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. The communication went by using the Google Hangouts app, and the game itself was played online. The fights were fought in groups of three persons. A lot of exciting situations emerged during the matches. While financial tasks usually caused general difficulties, questions like "What is the nickname of Demjén Ferenc?" and similar challanges proved to be much easier than the mathematical and physical questions. But if something is certain, it is that if somebody plays enough, they can learn a lot from difficult tasks. There were a number of moments when we all had an uplifting experience of success cause of a correctly guessed answer. Fortunatley, everyone knew which portrait of our king is in our five hundred buck. Our volunteer from Transylvania was very happy when she had to answer a question about the possible best grade in school in Romania.
Among the participants there were some of us who always made it to the second and third places. They always achieved the same results in each round, even if the enemy was a robot. We ended up laughing a lot cause of this. The one and a half hour program went in a good mood and we are glad that we finally managed to try out this game with online participants.


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