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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The new HABIDISZ members were successfully elected

A total of 25 secondary and primary schools in Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar county casted their votes online, thanks to which we were able to elect the new HABIDISZ board members, so they can already start their activities in the summer. There were also three invalid votes.

Due to the current virus situation, the County Student Forum planned for the end of March had to be postponed. In this event, the new board members of the Student Government Association of Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ) would have been elected. In response, the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association decided that the election would take place online. We asked the teachers wo are working with the student governments to consult with the school's student government youth leaders in order to elect the new memebers of HABIDISZ and to cast the school's vote by 31 May.
We would like to thank all the institutions, all the students government’s and the teachers for their contribution to the re-election of the HABIDISZ team.

In the 2020/2021 academic year, the leadership of the Student Government Association of Hajdú-Bihar County consist of the following persons:
Gudor Karolina
Other elected board members:
Cserta Dóra
Földi Eszter Nóra
Sipos Enikő
Their term of office is valid until the end of March 2021.


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