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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We started the summer with a succesfull Student Academy!

We are pleased to announce that, despite the uncertainties, we were able to re-organize the Student Academy, which is considered a tradition by our association. Our training took place between July 22-26. The accomodation was provided by the Dorcas campsite, which is located nearby Lake Vekeri in Debrecen.

On Monday, we invited our ex youth leaders to make up for the Final Training, which they missed in March. Because of this, our first day was filled with pleasant memories and storytelling. At the end of the day, the students were given a yearbook and after a symbolic graduation they also recieved they well-deserved “diploma”.
With the departure of the former youth leaders, the soon to be youth leaders arrived immediately, so the Student Academy could start with the 19 newly elected young people. On the second „legacy day” a lot of former county board members were able to introduce themselves and there was also many opportunities to share professional and personal experiences on a section called the “revolving stage”. For the rest of the week, staff-led trainings and team buildings also took place with the help of various professional sections. We touched topics like communication, teamwork and the importance of collaboration. The young people were also able to find out how to set goals for themselves, and they also gained insight into the possible problems and solutions related to decision-making. The young people were also able to learn about social and lifestyle competencies, and after an exceptionally difficult task, some of them realized that it’s not easy to always make the right decision. Students also had to realize that it can be a surprisingly difficult task to argue in a proper way, and that listening to each other should always be the basis of working together.
Our training week ended with a half-day processing and evaluation. After sharing the experiences, we also took time to take new group photos and individual photos. After the tearful farewell, the youth leaders gave each other a hug and said some good words. However, the next meeting is not far away, because at the end of July, everyone can regain their strength and come to our next training, which is called Panyola Outdoor.


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