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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We have planned the next period of KÖZ-Pont

We were holding successfully our usual annual planning weekend, which was attended by all our employees. The goal of the program was to evaluate the first half of 2020 and then plan for the next semester. During the weekend besides the working hours, there was also time to relax and get to know each other.

We were at Törökszentmiklós between 2-4 of July, where we evaluated the past period and planned the year ahead. The professional part of the event was in the Székács Elemér Mezőgazdasági és Élelmiszeripari Szakgimnázium, while the accommodation was in wooden houses of the local campsite of the strand.
After arriving on Thursday, the goal was to get to know the new team members, as there have been several changes in the association’s staff in the recent period. During the meeting, we did several fun training tasks that shook the new and old staff together. Everyone had the opportunity to chat with everyone, so no one was unknown by the end of the day. On this day also took place the evaluation of the last semester, where all employees could share their opinions about the projects and programs of the last period.
On Friday, we were focusing on professional things. First, we discussed the operation of the association, which was much needed by all participants. We spent a lot of time on different frameworks and functions of the association. Everyone was aware of the association's current and planned projects. During the evening we grilled on the beach area, followed by a long game together.
On Saturday, we had to share our own professional goals and plans, and then everyone started one task of their goals. After the professional block, we left home with a lot of experience and knowledge.


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