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26 November 2020 (thursday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The first Nyíregyháza Picnic has came true

On 05 September 2020 were organized the first Köz-Pont Picnic of Nyíregyháza. The event’s purpose was that to be a day were a Picnic happens and where all of the old and new Köz-Pont/SZSZBGYIÖK young member feel happy and getting know each other casually.

The event happened with lots of laugh in a good mood. The participants have begin with a ludicrous warmup game in one big group, after that they could show their knowledge and talent in a Mini olimpics in small groups.

In the first round they tried out themselfes in a quiz show where had to solve some riddles.Also Quiz and and image finder game waited for them. After that came some skill tasks: darts competition and different playful tasks with a table tennis ball.


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