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28 October 2020 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Sparkling sunshine and happy dogs waited for us in Debrecen

In the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Programme we were participated on the event of the "Együtt az Állatokért" Állatvédő Közhasznú Association where with a small headcount but with bigger enthusiasm our volunteers waited for to make happier the shelter’s dogs day.

The day started with sparkling sunshine so the circumstances were perfect for a big walk in the nature. Our fellow worker János Szufelják while the trip tot he shelter prepared the volunteers what they can expect and on the bus they have spoke about everybody love the dogs. Kristóf actually has a labrador at home and Bálint had a kuvasz pooch.

After they got off the bus when got closer tot he shelter they heard from far the dogs barking. When they arrived the noise got a reason why it was so loud. Other people came to take a dog for a walk. Before it begun the shelter’s association fellow worker Imre showed the place and spoke about the dogs there who lives there at the moment.

After the small trip everybody got their own walk partner. Because three of the volunteers were professional dog keepers, so Imre given to them the most energetic ones. Bálint’s partner was Zápor, Kristóf’s Tritikálé and János had Leo. The dogs were really excited couldn’t wait for the start in the early’s the volunteers had to keep strongly the leash. to don’t pull the walker. Fortunately the dogs got calm in a few minutes, and they could give themselves to the happy walking. In addition Tritikálé and Leo also dipped in a stream of water thanks for the good weather conditions. The walking were 40-45 minutes long after that the dogs were returned to their places. Our volunteers said they enjoyed a lot the walk they would come in other times too.


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