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17 January 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Anna Lindh Foundation dispute online programs are started

The AFL Debate-Activity gives opportunity and it connects young people from European and southern Mediterranean countries to meet online and debate in different topics. The Centre Youth Association cooperating with organizations and universities began the participating on online trainings.

Our team’s first competition will be on the weekend. But we still waiting for the enthusiastic youngsters between 18-30 for participate in the online debate groupleader trainingsand online debates for free. Our Association got the opportunity to participate in international debate trainings and later online international events. This process spanning several weeks because the groupleader firstly has to participate in an online training were they learn the debating’s basics and different technics and methods. After that with the team of 6 people on an online training gives the knowledge about the groupleader tranings. The tranings got followed by the international debate occasion. For being in the project, a four-week commitment is required.

While the trainings and debates the participators developes different skills because the discussions are in English so this is a good chance to practice the language. Also with techniques of reasoning, improving different communication skills compromise binding and the participant is also enriched by the opinions of young people from other nations. Thus, new aspects as well coming up in topics like the migration, enviromental protection, education, Internet, use of social networks… At the end of the activity, the participants have a they will receive a badge, which will serve as a reference later.

While the program you can get acquainted and with youngsters whose you won’t meet with otherway in your life. This event gives possibility to get acquintances all around the world and broaden your worldview. Step out from your comfortzone you can widen your perspective. If you have a strong attitude try to convince the other team about your opinion. Ont he weekend we will see how it is succeed with our first two teams. We will inform you about the results later.

The four week long cycle contains:
1) Discussion team leadership training: An online intensive training about parliamentary debate method which is realized by a discussion teacher. (On these just the team leader has to be there)
2) Local training for the team: Offline or online it retained by the teamleader.
3) Intercultural online discussion: The two teams discussion followed up after from Europe and southern- Mediterranean country’s teamleader training ont he second or third weekend.
4) Post - discussion feedback: In the same week after the Intercultural Online Discussion.

The start of cycle: on 10th October .; Ends: 6-7. November Application deadline
The start of cycle: on 31th October .; Ends: 27. or 28. November Application deadline: 28 October

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