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17 January 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

HABIDISZ renewing election in the 2020/2021 school year

The HABIDISZ has arrived to a new board member election, namely 3 empty roles waiting to refill looking for applicants from the county’s primary and secondary schools’ students whose would like to strengthen the organization’s next year work.

Purpose of the tender is to the Habidisz could operate with a full team in the 2020/2021 school year. Because of the epidemiological situation the the election will be online instead of the County Student Forum. We consider it important that the election of the leadership takes place democratically and in accordance with the values ​​of the organization. The elected officials will represent the organisation until March of 2021 and help the student government’s life and programs. The tender is open and it is serving that aim to provide equal opportunities for all of the students.

Why is good to be a board member of the HABIDISZ?
The Centre Youth Association is supporting as the lawful, professional and financial background of Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú-Bihar County. Our purpose is to improve the Student government’s youngsters’ skills on trainings organized by us at different competences and get new knowledge. In addition, through our Association they also have the opportunity to join a number of foreign youth programs which is funded by the European Union (Erasmus+ Programs). After their election the youngsters can help in the organizer works of the Centre Youth Association representing the student government. On the events they can see behind the wall of the bigger events organizing progresses. The knowledge gained in this way later they can use in the works of the student government. In the activity of the student government they can complete Student Volunteer Service hours are accountable for the secondary school students.

Some of the student government members’ youth report:
“Helping on others is happiness. A lot of child resident of social institution I helped, I have played with them, and delighted them.”
“You can be in a part of a lots of experiences you can get, knowledge you can travel and get new friends!”
“I have attended trainings at several places where I got more skilful and clever.”
“I had the luck with the team to organize events on the level of county and national.”
“On the side of the road I were in Poland and Italy!”
“Do not let these ships get away: national opportunities, youth media, Volunteering Student Government. Thanks to the Student Government I have participated on a DÖK training where I saw better in the event organizing, media.”

What kind of tasks coming for a Habidisz board member?
The leader members undertake with the application that in the year they have to participate in many trainings and organizing free time/sport events. These events’ places changing, so not all the time are in Debrecen. In these cases, the travel expenditures for the leaders are reimbursed retrospectively.

In the interest of the student government the three new members following their election they have to participate in the following training: 27-28 of March 2021 Youth Leaders Closing Training , planned place: Nyíregyháza

In addition, during the school year, the members of the board jointly organize their programs with the professional support of the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association:
-Monthly two leadership meeting
-Monthly one staff meeting
-Monthly one own event (Volunteer activity, flashmob, office event)
With the board members the Centre Youth Association makes a volunteer contract which contains that the volunteer have to complete 5 hours of activity for the county student government. These hours can be managed in “blocks” because on some bigger events and their preparations are includes these.

If you feel inside the ambition: Sign up!
Applicants circle: Hajdú-Bihar County’s secondary school and primary school 5-8 grades day time students.

Tender’s conditions: The application does not have a separate set of conditions the applicants has to submit the following documents signed and prepared. There is no procedural cost for the application.
The application form has to be signed by the student and the legal representative and with the with the head of the educational institution as a kind of supportive sign.
The introduction video about the applicants will be shared on the Centre Youth Association’s and The HABIDISZ’s Youtube channel.

Positions that can be applied for:
HR Coordinator (1 person)
External Relations Coordinator (1 person)
PR Coordinator (1 person)

Needed documents:
Motivational letter (maximum 1 typed letter)
Application form
Introduction Video (minimum 1 minute)

Application deadline: 09 October 2020 (Friday)
Application submission method:
Electronically (signed copies attached) e-mail:


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