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26 November 2020 (thursday)

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Újkert family harvest day

A really spectacular and cosy harvest day have come true at the foot of the sledge hill organized by the Újkerti Közösségi Ház. The program visitors could choose from several options.

The children could have fun and sit up to the carousel of the “flying toys” or play target shooting with a crossbow. Also, plenty of craftwork tables waited for them where they could create great gifts together with their parents and grandparents. The crowd was big at the tables because one or two minutes of time spending the children could make a lot of trifle. In this helpful were Jázmin, Napsugár and Boglárka whose performed their Community Service courtesy of our program of the Civilians of Debrecen.

But there is no harvest without grapes, music and fun. The cheerful atmosphere were provided by the Ort-Iki Báb- és Utcaszínház for the city part locals. After that the Művészeti Zenekör gave a stage performance which is followed by the Debreceni Népi Együttes ifjúsági csoport’s dance. At last the Cívis Banda’s music closed the shows. On the whole event the people could taste must, which is trickled from the set up grape press.


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