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26 November 2020 (thursday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Dog walking on a dewy Saturday

It couldn’t be missed either in October the one of the most popular School Community Service activity, the dog walking at the shelter of the Együtt az Állatokért Egyesület.

At this time thanks to the appropriate advertisement many more people applied to the dog walking on the weekend. After a short bus way and a little walking, we were at the site before 8:30am where the Association’s workers waited for us happily. After a fast introduction walk the dogs arrived in a row whose signed with barking, jumping and tail wagging that they can’t wait for their adventurous walk. The youth are welcome the dogs with the same enthusiasm.

Before the Saturday everybody was afraid of the rain but luckily didn’t rain. However, the grass was very dewy which the dogs are enjoyed but not as like their walkers. But this isn’t discouraged neither the girls’ and the boys’ mood because in three hours they have walked around with almost 30 dogs on the near meadow. In fact, they had such a good time that they couldn’t wait to come next time.


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