Address: 4030 Debrecen, Erdei Ferenc street 16.
Phone: +36 30 277 4696 every day between 10-17 hours
4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 18. (Debrecen Plaza I. floor)
4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street 25.
5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre street 28/A (Szolnok Plaza I. floor)
5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
10 May 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Crazy good team builder

The Centre Youth Association’s fellow workers from Debrecen and the Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú- Bihar County’s management were participated on a new escape room teambuilder. At this time, they had to get out from the captivity of “a crazy professor”.

After the door closed behind them, they have started the searching for hidden signs and tasks immediately. Although the math wasn’t our strength, but thanks to the good team work and the share of the tasks between them, they could get out before the time’s end. Of the 60 lawsuits available to them, they needed only 49 to enter the lock’s right combination and escape from the professor’s labour. The escape room were furnished really scary and spooky, nonetheless everybody felt well while the occasion, and everybody came out fully loaded and with happy smile. Thus, it can be said they could participate in another teambuilder through our Association.


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