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10 May 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

We were on a professional trip in Nyíregyháza

We organized the Professional Trip in Nyíregyháza on 08. October 2020, where the Association’s student government members and the County of Heves Eötvös József Református Oktatási Központ’s students participated.

The day consisted of several stops.

As a beginning in the morning we have visited the Burattino Puppet Theatre in Nyíregyháza, where they told the working of the Puppet Theatre.

Continuing our day, the next stop was the Zoo of Nyíregyháza, where the youngsters could see all around the zoo with a bus which’s driver showed the main attractions.

The closing of our day was in the Community FACE's Youth Office and Community Space where they participated on a HR Coffeeshop. On the HR Coffeeshop they could work in teams and participated in a Kahoot! quiz, in the topics were some questions about the HR worker’s tasks, the content of a CV, the behaviour on a job interview.


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