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26 November 2020 (thursday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Our new Transylvanian ESC volunteers have arrived to us

Antónia Makkai (Cluj-Napoca) and Tímea Kiss (Oradea) on Sunday (18.10.2020) our new ESC volunteers started their way to try their luck at our association in Hungary. Antónia is already got on the train in Kolozsvár, in a few hours Timi also joined to her in Nagyvárad.

Antónia will strengthen the Szolnok team of the association, Timi will be active in the team of Debrecen which city is also famous for its university. In accordance with the rules now they are in home quarantine both of them in Debrecen. Our Association’s fellow workers of Debrecen helping them in the shopping, and their coordinators always in connection with them in online way. As it can see on the picture, the girls in spite of the quarantine they feel happy, they are cheerful and can’t wait to their adventure continue in a face-to-face form.


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