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10 May 2021 (monday)

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HABIDISZ communication training in Nagyrábé

But not at the original time, but at last successfully could achieve the Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú-Bihar County’s organized communication training in Nagyrábé, which’s date needed to be changed a few times by the organizers because of the epidemic situation.

The training first goal was that to make an active and ready for action staff for the HABIDISZ, which will support the work and the operation of the organization in this school year. Furthermore, the organizers are considered important that to involve students in a wider-range from the county’s different schools. These goals they could achieve. This is proved by that, youngsters came from 8 different secondary schools moreover not just institutions of Debrecen also other schools represented there from Derecske, Balmazújváros and Hajdúböszörmény too.

For the participants the training started really early at 7:30 because everybody started together from Debrecen by bus rented by the Centre Youth Association. In spite of the bad weather conditions the bus arrived relatively quickly to Nagyrábé, continuously everybody registered and occupied their rooms in the Turistic Hotel of Nagyrábé. Meanwhile the 4 people moderator team ordered the Youth House serves as the place of the training. All of the organizers and participants are satisfied with the place, with the welcome and with their caring. According to them the local Turistic Hotel and Youth House was a very great place for this program.

In Friday morning, on the training’s first day the formed moderator pair Dóra Cserta (HABIDISZ Vice-president) and János Szufelják (HABIDISZ Coordinator) opened the communication training, namely with some funny acquaintance game. This followed with the session by Karolina Gudor (HABIDISZ President) and Eszter Földi (HABIDISZ program coordinator) where with the students reviewed the basics and concepts of communication. After the lunch followed with public speech and the presentation of the assertive communication, also the description of the 12 social competences. This ended the professional part of the first day. After dinner together came the part of the spare time activity, which was also used by the participants. In the Youth House the participants could play billiards and table football, moreover after this everybody participated in the community builder game called “Maffia”. In addition, in the whole time of the program they could try themselves in the “Tu este muerto” game, in that everybody got someone’s name who is “have to be hunted” and in the end the winner stood. At the end of the day, closely to 10pm everyone gone to sleep.

In Saturday morning the moderators changed pairs, so before lunch the training has been started by Eszter and Dóra with a self- knowledge block, which is followed by Karolina’s and János’s Communication difficulties intituled session came. The dense morning program followed with a lunch and another pair change. The participants during different exercises they could get know how the to be sent information how can be lost, what can we do against it and what happens when there is no common language. These practices led by Eszter and János for the participants. After a short break everybody got closer to the non-verbal language and its characteristics with tasks and practices. After the dinner János Bálega (Association leader) gave an exciting and interactive lecture about the opportunities of the ERASMUS+. Of course, the common fun couldn't be missed that day either, which means trying out another board game: This time, You're lying! Or not young people entertained each other with a game called like that. After turning off the lights the Youth House got quiet again.

In the morning of Sunday came the closing of the training and evaluation. Based on the feedback of the participants they found the whole training was useful and meaningful, but maybe, what is more important than this, at the end of the event an active and enthusiastic little community forged.


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