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5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
10 May 2021 (monday)

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Halloween party with the KVDÖK

On October 26. the KVDÖK (Karcag City Student Government) organized a Halloween afternoon in the newly inaugurated about to open Karcagi Ifjúsági és Lurkó Iroda (KIFLI) (Youth Office). By the program a lot of youngster could get a taste about the future programs of the KIFLI, because on the event not just the KVDÖK members could participate.

The participants arrived in time to the event, who the decoration received with admiration, which is made by the management of the KVDÖK. After the opening the programs are started. Participants dressed in creative costumes could take part in a Halloween quiz, escape room and other competitions and games. The dinner was the Halloween hot-dog which is a result of a management member’s creativity. The programs followed with a topic free conversation and free program.


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