Address: 4030 Debrecen, Erdei Ferenc street 16.
Phone: +36 30 277 4696 every day between 10-17 hours
4026 Debrecen, Péterfia street 18. (Debrecen Plaza I. floor)
4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai street 25.
5000 Szolnok, Ady Endre street 28/A (Szolnok Plaza I. floor)
5300 Karcag, Városudvar 1.
10 May 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!


The number of interested people in Bike Maffia has decreased in the last months, because of this they organized an event, where their aim is to recruit volunteering youngsters. We would like to draw your attention to this great opportunity, where you can give real for those who need it and you can be a member of a good team.

The organization would like to continue their job, but this also requires our help. If you can come to the event on 7 th of November at 16 Baross Gábor street. On this occasion you have the opportunity to participate in a joint cooking, ride a bike and make new friends. In addition, at the Bike Maffia in Debrecen you can work the School Community Service 50 hours too.

In that case if won’t gather enough people, then the Bike Maffia finishes its activity. We ask you because of this reason, if just for a few hours, look inside and let’s volunteer! Their events are one Saturday a month, when they share food for those who need. Furthermore, the time of year is approaching when they can save lives with this.

The organization trusts in the power of community and in that, together we can save the activity. It is important to them to show we are taking care and listening to our human fellow beings in Debrecen.


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