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26 November 2020 (thursday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Photo competition is launching on the topic of volunteering

You like taking photographs? You have a good picture which is shows that what means the volunteering for You. Then don’t hesitate! Send your picture to us and win valuable prizes! The volunteering is a very important case. Doing good to others, it can charge you too. Show it together what a feeling to do good.

The Centre Youth Organization and the Community FACE';s Youth Office and Community Space launch a photo competition.

We are waiting for the photos which present that what means the volunteering for you. With the submitted pictures we ask a short justification about why you think your picture is connects to the volunteering.

1 person can send 1 picture. Only your own photo taken by you can be submitted.

We are waiting the pictures until 08. November 2020. on the email address.

The submitted photos will take part in a Facebook poll, and the most liked picture creator will receive a valuable gift.

For more details contact us: Tímea Árva +36 30 718 8643, Dóra Klenovszky +36 30340 8174


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