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10 May 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

A pleasant County workgroup meeting on Nyíregyháza

In 22. October 2020, we held a county workgroup meeting about a lot of county tasks accompanied by delicious teas in Nyíregyháza in the Luther Teahouse. Following the professional part, we have continued the afternoon with board games in the Luther, after in the Face-ek Office.

We started the day with cheerful weather at 10 a.m. , we gathered at the Luther teahouse. We took our seats we kept an incoming circle, and at the time when our drinks are made, we started the professional work. We spoke about the things of the past, the present’s challenges, and discussed the future’s questions and we have found a new program idea. Shared the tasks among us and we have developed a much more rules based system which we can work in more effectively. Then we closed the work section, we could start having some fun.

In the teahouse we tried the Aliases with pictures board game, after a long interpretation of the rules, we had a good time with it. Later we changed our place when the team got hungry and after a food order we continued the board game fun with a puzzler Concept game. Afternoon at 4 pm. everybody gone to home in a good mood.


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