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26 November 2020 (thursday)

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Halloween in the FACE-EK

The Halloween program in the FACEEK was exciting for the youngsters of Nyíregyháza. The participants have arrived to our community space of Nyíregyháza in creative costumes, but they couldn’t guess what awaits them during the evening.

On 31. October 2020. in the Community FACE's Youth Office and Community Space of Nyíregyháza were organize the event called „FACE-ekben a Halloween” (Halloween in the FACEEK) where the youngsters could participate in more exciting than exciting and more frightening tasks.

On the event some creative tasks are waited for students and adults too. They could compete in “Kahoot” which was about horror movies, they could fill out quiz in connection of Halloween and they could participate in a scary candy searcher adventure, where some surprises waited for them. They could try the “City is Sleeping” or also known as the Maffia, where everybody became a liver of Millers Hollow and they had to find out together, who might be the werewolf. During the evening, it was also possible to take set pictures with Halloween picture frames.

On the event closely 20 youngsters were and everybody felt very good themselves.


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