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10 May 2021 (monday)

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Saying goodbye to the Indian Summer with walking with a dog

October’s last day was a great occasion for our volunteers and the School Community Service performer youngsters to spend the month’s last weekend outdoor.

Although the day started rainy, but this did not discourage anyone to participate in the months closer dog walking which is organized by the Civilians of Debrecen. All of this proved by the number of people because with our Association’s employee 11 people arrived to the shelter of the Együtt az Állatokért Egyesület. Meanwhile they waited, to get the dogs wishing to walk and to begin, the Vagabondog Állatvédő Egyesület’s bus has arrived. As it turned out the bus came to bring away some dog and new owners are already waiting for them abroad. A special pleasure was for everyone to be a part of this happy moment. After they brought away the animals everybody got their first dog who they started to walk in the hereabouts. Roughly 30 minutes of walking circles changed each other the dogs and the volunteers, so approximately 35-40 dogs were taken out to the green area next to the shelter. Meanwhile the sun has shined so everybody could enjoy the pleasant time and the sun’s ray too.


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