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17 January 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

HABIDISZ management’s teambuilding activity

After the successful holding of the interim elections, organized by the Fellowship of Students’ Self-Government in Hajdú-Bihar County (HABIDISZ), the three vacant management positions were filled, so the number of managements increased to six again. Because the result born in the school break of autumn, so the first personal meeting’s opportunity was possible only in November.

The already expanded leadership organized the meeting in the Centre Youth Association’s office, where the Association’s coordinator and ESC volunteer already waited for them to introduce themselves to each other. In the conversation’s first part they talked about the operation of the HABIDISZ and about its activities and the roles and the tasks associated with them. Then everybody told that what they are doing in their spare time, that time when they do not do student government work.

Then the team went to the escape room located in the Miklós street where several exciting and sometimes funny riddles waited for them to “save the world from the zombie” together. The newly formed HABIDISZ management solved the task so skilfully that they still had 23 minutes left at the end of the game out of the 60 lawsuits available to them. All of this is needed to everybody take their own part from the work and operate as a team with each other. After they have freed the world from the zombies, they sat in the Long Café to celebrate their great heroism.


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