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17 January 2021 (sunday)

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Taking dog for a walk in November at the DECI

About the Saturday dog walking were two things totally sure. One is that the dogs were still excitedly waiting to be taken out of the kennel which can be heard far from there. The other is that we had a really nice time waiting for those who visited the shelter to help the staff working there.

When the DECI’s volunteers and the School Community Service performer students entered inside the fences, almost immediately got to hand their first dogs and started with them to roam, and they didn’t regret it, so everybody got at least 3 dogs on this morning. Outside from them others are visited to take part in this unselfish work. All this was also due to the pleasant weather, because this sunny Saturday proved to be a great family or corporate team building program.

It was a special pleasure for the DECI and our Association that for our ESC volunteer Tímea Kiss this was her first volunteer activity since she came to Hungary. According to her she really enjoyed the activity and she would like to participate in dog walking.


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