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17 January 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The month of December started with a noble purpose!

In connection with a great idea the feeding of the forest around Békás lake birds have come true. With the crafting of the bird feeder and placing it out more birds can get food in this cold weather.

On the first day of December the Centre Youth Association’s volunteers of the ESC in Debrecen and one of the fellow workers walked out around the Békás lake where they put out on the trees bird feeders with full of food to the birds don’t be without any food in the first month of the winter. However, this noble act was preceded by the process of preparing the bird feeders. With some days before they collected PET bottles, bought some food, and additional supplies were purchased. After all of these had, they recorded a tutorial video about what kind of tools needs and how to make a really simple bird feeder. This little video they uploaded to the Facebook page to everybody who would like to put up a similar feeder could make their own bird feeder.

When the bird feeders are done the ESC volunteers went to the forest gladly. The walking went with full of laugh meanwhile they looked for which trees will be the most ideal for the placing of the feeders. They tried to put these to visible and reachable places, that later they could fill them with seeds. In addition, the put on the feeders QR codes, which, if scanned, allow visitors to view our Facebook and Instagram pages. Although the girls felt well, but they froze slightly due to the pungent cold, because of this when they gone to home, they left the place with drinking hot tea and hot chocolate.


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