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17 January 2021 (sunday)

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Santa’s factory fundraising on Szolnok

The Red Cross’s festive initiative for the Santa’s factory’s poor. They have organized it in several years. With our IKSZ volunteers together we helped in, drew people’s attention for the collection, and helped in the collected donations’ counting.

They expect durable food, cleaning and toiletries as donations, they need durable food at first. What they expect the most: cans, pastas, flour, sugar, oil, rice, sweets and fruits. The collecting points are located at the Auchan stores. The Santa Factory is open from December 1 to December 20 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. These donations are counted by weight by the Red Cross and divide each package equally into smaller packages. According to the Red Cross for the packaging in other years volunteers came from a lot of countries more in every year, but because of the pandemic situation they had to solve it by themselves. One of their colleagues told it, he could also move slowly to the Red Cross there are a lot of work. However, they are only happy about this because the more received donation and their job is more so they can help to more people.

Our volunteers were timid in advance, because not leaflet giveaway happened, despite they had to draw peoples’ attention orally. Unfortunately, because of the epidemic situation we can’t hand out. The volunteers got good and bad feedback but at the end they stood right. This is an improver work for them too because they can get self-confidence by this. Another attention drawer way the advertising in the announcer, what the IKSZ volunteers could try. During the collection on every week, we participated once in 3-3 hours.

Maybe our collection’s most heart-warming part was that the poor people could get food when they needed it the most.


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