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17 January 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

SZSZB county workgroup held an internal work meeting

On 07 th of December the fellow workers in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county held an extraordinary meeting where team building also had an important role.

On the meeting they have planned their next time period and they discussed the tasks still awaiting them and following this they have participated in the team building quiz which is held by Dorottya Demeter their ESC volunteer.

On the year’s 7 th day of 12 th month were organized the team building quiz called the Who is the winner. The 6 fellow workers were divided to 3 teams and they have fought in this way for the first place. The teams competed against each other in 3 rounds.

In the first round, Dorottya tested the feasibility of their creativity and ideas, because they had to defend a raw egg from the crash. This task was completed by the teams perfectly.

In the second round they had to rely on their perception, in this round, things got into a box and they had to guess without being seen those things. At this task were some teams who performed better and who performed worse.

In the third round they could use their general knowledge. Here they achieved the most varied results of the teams. They had to answer 30 questions, which were collected from the most various topics.

The competitions brought good mood and disappointment too because just one team won, but the final score was close between the second and third team.


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