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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

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Red Cross Donation Fundraising

When the Hungarian-speaking ESC volunteers got noticed about the Red Cross looking for volunteers for fundraising they were very happy because they felt that they can do something noble for others.

The long-awaited day has come, when the got on the bus and went they had a quite wild trip but they could stand until the Auchan. They approached the building with great enthusiasm but when they entered to their big surprise, they haven’t seen any kind of Red Cross table or box, nothing. Because of this one of them asked a security, who in addition knew nothing about it he recommended that to go to the other entry maybe they can find that what they looked for. They went and found the Red Cross’s box and near to that was the table with chairs and with papers. They experienced this situation very strangely, as they did not expect it. They thought that there will be someone who tell that what is their task and how they have to do it. So it didn’t happen in this way so they read those papers, what they have find there and filled up some of them. They didn't really get smarter after that, so they sat down and waited for the "miracle". There weren’t even any leaflets, with they could at least address those who went there. At least they told it in speaker, people can donate, so some people came there who donated enthusiastically and they were quite nice.

It was a pleasure for the volunteers to see people for whom Christmas is important to others and can give with a good heart to families who do not get the everyday food on their table. But the time passed away with a little chat and donation reception, when they realized the time they could go to home.


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