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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Christmas donation packaging

On December 12, young people and volunteers from the Debrecen school community service boarded the bus to Dorcas Camping in a Christmas mood, where Dorcas Service staff awaited them with hot coffee and tea upon arrival.

After consuming of the hot drinks, they got briefing about what kind of products they have to pack and in what amount per packs and then they organized which process they will participate in. Thanks to these the packages’ making went very effectively.

Although most of the youngsters met with each other for the first time, they nevertheless performed their duties as smoothly and cheerfully as if they had been working together for several years. When the clock hit the noon, they could already smell the pizza in the yard, so our youngsters and the Dorcas Service’s fellow workers went out to fill up their energy reserves, which was also in a good mood. Then they with renewed strength they started to make again the rest of the packs. Their effectiveness was also shown by the fact that they exceeded the set amount by 50 pieces.

When the young people said goodbye, the staff at the Dorcas Centre gratefully thanked them for their help with they contributed in helping families in need. Because there were people in the team who hadn’t seen Lake Vekeri around yet, as a closing of the event they walked to the lake shore where swimming swans greeted them.

They all went home happily knowing that hundreds of people can have a better Christmas thanks to them.


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