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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Placement of new birdfeeders in the Nagyerdő

Fortunately, this year’s winter haven’t started very cold, despite of this the Civilians of Debrecen team with the school community service performer students, decided that, they place out new bird feeders around the Békás lake.

Because this event was advertised to weekday afternoon, and the actual restrictions did not allow either to let gather together, so with the program’s coordinator fellow worker 5 people were participate in the placing of the feeders.

The students were taken seriously this task, because they brought more than 10 feeders on their own and they prepared with bird food too. The activity took one hour, but its value was bigger, because later when the real cold will be set, the forest’s birds won’t stay without food. Of course, the feeders will also need to be checked and refilled later.


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