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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

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Year’s first taking dog for a walk after the year’s first snow

As a part of the Civilians of Debrecen Volunteer Program the School Community Service performer students and the Centre Youth Association’s ESC volunteers for the first time this year they have visited the animal shelter of Debrecen. Despite the snow and frosty weather of the previous days, they were greeted by sunny and especially pleasant weather.

The shelter’s staff and residents were very much looking forward to them, because they hadn’t met for a long time since the last year’s winter break. When the young people arrived, they immediately started talking about how big is the chance of the fall on this dog walking, because as the landscape was covered with a significant layer of snow and the soil was quite slippery. While they discussed about it, they have got the dogs and they happily set out for the heart of nature. Not much time has passed when the first acrobatic fall happened. For the fall demonstrator ESC volunteer, it wasn’t so surprising because they spoke about it already. But Ribizli, the dog, haven’t participated in this conversation, so he watched it with eyes wide open what happened with Timi. Of course, he immediately ran to her to comfort her. Obviously, not just Ribizli and Timi, everybody had to deal with the slippery terrain. Fortunately, this fact did not discourage anyone to walk around the field near the shelter and enjoy the fresh air of January. But most of all, the dogs were happy about it they could be tempted in the snow.

The sun shone brightly throughout the event, the dogs’ eyes shone by the happiness, so the youngsters left the shelter with a smile, knowing that they could make puppy’s day better again.


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