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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

HABIDISZ Staff meeting in 2021

2021. Sounds promising doesn't it? But there is no fairy tale, we have to wait a little longer for the end of this hard period, which will get as a black patch into the world’s history. But what purpose the HABIDISZ servers, if isn’t that, when the current the current epidemic is pushing us to the floor then let’s get together and make a little more colourful the current unusual grey weekdays.

The first staff meeting of the year took place on January 14, where everyone sat in their room at three o'clock and joined the Zoom meeting, meanwhile drinking a good hot tea they have forgot about every day’s problems and concentrated to the future. The meeting started with a player introduction so that the new members could feel at home as well, after this the substantive work continued. The organization’s coordinator explained the first quarter’s most important dates which will affect the work and the staff of the HABIDISZ. Young people have plenty of plans and common dreams for this year to come true. To achieve these dreams the youth organization counts on the staff members help. During the meeting the future organizational structure of the HABIDISZ were outlined and then everyone could indicate which area they were most interested in. Now these groups are born and there is nothing left, to let that the most of the plans form the 2021 year which the student government members are facing with. Come on HABIDISZ!


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