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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

4 th Regional year closer online forum occasion

The year 2020 for our Association is closed like how the year in the bigger part went for others, excessively. Our regional year-end forum, like some others, took place online on December 4th. Despite of the fact we did not meet in person, but we were able to spend it usefully with a lot of content, with the overviewing of the year there were some information giving, there were also some interactive trainings and games.

The beginning at 8 o’clock were tiring for some people, but after some circle questions everybody energized up immediately and the work could begin. In particular, the county working groups presented the events, successes and failures of the past year in turn with demanding, detailed presentations.

In the second part our fellow worker who is in charge of the volunteers in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps held a report about the volunteers who are already arrived and who are those we are waiting for.

Continuing the program and close of the morning, we have seen presentations about the project of SEL, we got know about the PR plans and current projects, and we heard new information about the strategic plan of the Association.

The trainings took place in the afternoon, the first training was a phone communication training, where we have seen a presentation about how to how to build up the best structure for a phone conversation and the types of the conversations. In a practice we have talked with one worker of the Santa’s factory for 1 minute.

In part of the second training, we got know the Anna Lindh Foundation debate program and our co-worker, who accompanied a debate team to
this program and she reported what happened on this occasion. After this we learned about the Karl Popper debate form and we divided to two 6 person teams and we tried out that how good debaters we are.


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