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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Take a storybook and read!

The “tale corner” is a volunteering activity, in which you can become a kid again. A lot of people are spending day in hospital and in orphanage, so they are living isolated in these days.

Pick out your favourite tales, for which you were a fan as a child! Swipe the dust off from the book, look for a calm corner and record a video about yourself even with your phone, how you read the tale! It can be a folk tale or the famous Grimm tales, Disney stories, just read it and send to us! In the beginning of the video tell the writer (if it has) and the title of the tale too!


If you got the urge for the activity, we honour this with IKSZ hours for you. You have nothing else to do, just apply at one of the contacts below, and we count an hour per video! It is important that we can provide certificate for maximum of 4 tales, so you can be 4 hours richer if you participate in the activity. Application deadline: 10. February 2021.


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