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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Poster maker competition about the School Community Service and/or the volunteering

The SZÖSZ (Szolnok Volunteering Service) advertising a poster maker competition with the For me the School Community Service and/or volunteering heading, for the School Community Service performer students, but willingly waiting for those’ creations too how already performed the 50 hours.

Information for the preparation:

Poster size: A3

Preparation way: poster editor program in a digital way or with an optional technic hand drawing or painting.

Deadline for submission: 28.02.2021

Submission way: electronically to the email address, also personally it can also be brought to our office in person to the Color Space Youth Office and Community Space (Szolnok Plaza 1.floor, between 10 and 18)

The exhibition, prizing of the posters expected to: 24.03.2021.
Location: Color Space Youth Office and Community Space (Szolnok Plaza 1. floor, between 10 and 18)
We reserve the reason for the program change!

We serve with more information on the +36 30 525 2499 phone number, and on the e-mail address.


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