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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

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Program series closing Debate Club

The closing program of the Debate Club which is organized by the HABIDISZ were in the last week of January, which had to be put in the online space again. The program series was established thanks to the AKE’s (Alternatív Közösségek Egyesülete) tender.

The participants have told their opinion and collided it about the current digitalization which surrounds them. Before the first debate the moderator told a welcome speech and then he divided the participants to two groups where they had to compose argument in favour and against in the topic of that the overuse of the digital tools can cause addiction. The debate itself went in a very structured and organized way where both sides stood for their own opinion well. In the second part of the debate club they had to argue about these arguments like: “Digitization in today's sense is already too advanced.” or “We use or can use digitization for everything” also “The life could go without digital tools.” In this block everybody could tell their own toughs and they could tell opinion about others’.

The whole event needed approximately two hours. Given the seriousness and topicality of the topic these few hours may have seemed short, but it was good for that to the youngsters could learn how to debate, telling arguments even in representation of a statement which they are not agree with totally.


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