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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

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End-of-month forest garbage collection

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday the Centre Youth Association’s ESC volunteers, fellow workers, and some members of the HABIDISZ
and the School Community Service performer secondary school youngsters were determined to collect garbage in the forest surrounding the city limits.

The Doberdó street stop of tram two was designated as the meeting place for the morning meeting, so that they would gather there before departure. There the program coordinator gave some important information to the participants, after this everybody went into the woods. At the edge of the forest, they have stopped for a group picture, to capture the moment of the beginning in front of the building of the Nyírerdő Zrt. Nagyerdei Erdészeti Erdei Iskolája, because the garbage collector action established by the cooperation of the Zrt., because the collected garbage will be delivered by the co-workers of the Nyírerdő Zrt. on the next week. When they got into the woods, they have divided to two groups, then everybody got rubber gloves and some garbage bag. One of teams went on the left side of the forest road and took the garbage, meanwhile the other team went on the right side, so the work was divided. As they moved further and further into the woods the bags were getting filled. Sometimes they stopped for a little, took some rest and a little food and drink came up from the bags. During the walk they had a lot of time to talk and get know each other, and tell one or two humorous comment for each other. But they could finally be together not online, but outdoors, on the good fresh air. During the walk in the woods, they saw some off-road runners, also some bat nest on some trees. The team nearing the end of the tour got tired a little because of the carrying of the big bags and the walking, when they suddenly witness a wonderful thing. As they walked on the road, they heard loud pounding from nothing, and after they looked back, they saw, two civil guard going towards them in addition, on horseback. When the two-man patrol team passed them, the volunteers looked the two beautiful horse with amazement, which are galloped on the road continuously.

After this they continued their road to the destination. Soon they have arrived to the camping place near the Pallagi way Social Home, where at last they could put down the collected garbage. At the end of the day the small team stood for another group picture and they said goodbye to each other and they have left with satisfied smiles on their faces.


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