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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

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Refilling a bird feeder

Before Christmas through the Debrecen Civilian Volunteer Program the School Community Service performer secondary school students and the Association’s International volunteers put out bird feeders in the vicinity of Lake Békás in Nagyerdő, Debrecen.

Because the bird feeders’ most important rule is that, later it has to be refilled, so the Association’s ESC volunteers they took some time for this task in January, so they organized again this refill. One of them is participated in this at the first time, because of this he was quite excited and because he could join to this occasion. At the first try the refill doesn’t went very well, but at the second feeder he felt more professional, so there he filled the seeds with more self-confidence to the recycled bottles. In addition, with this visit they have noticed that the rainwater remains in bottom of the feeders so learning from this experience next time they will sting small holes on the bottom of the bottles, so the remaining water can leak out. In summary the little team performed their task, and they hope with confidence that the birds will fly with joy thanks to the fresh food.


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