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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The DECI visited the Dorkász Service again

Slowly we can consider it as a regular monthly program, that the participators in the Debrecen Civilians Volunteer Program, the School Community Service performer students are visit the Dorkász Service, and they provide assistance in the food packaging which is offered to the service.

While this time appropriately to the current restrictions taking advantage of the maximum number of staff 10 youngster were participated in the packaging of the donations. However, they could only volunteering for four hours, so in this reason the students felt so small the help what they could give, meanwhile the made amount and size of the packages showed far beyond all of this. Altogether they packed successfully in total 330 of servings, which from 100 bags will go to elderly, needy grandmothers and 230 to needy families. In terms of the weight of donations the students helped in bagging more than 1500 kg of food.

Because they went very well with process of the work, so they had some free minutes, meanwhile they waited for the bus, they had some time for a little joint table tennis and foosball too. It was good to see the youngsters, they could have fun together, because in the past months they didn’t have much opportunities, to be in a community, and get out from their room’s walls for a bit. Even that isn’t bothered them they kicked the balls on the foosball table in mask, the point was the shared experience.


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