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24 February 2021 (wednesday)

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METFO I. - Round table conversation

HABIDISZ chose continuing education as the topic of this year's first round table discussion. The participants in divided times could get know more information about from the Centre Youth Association’s co-workers and their university course. Due to the circumstances, the event was held online.

The first performer was Tünde Bokor, who graduated from the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Community Organizer. She started her performance with her introduction of her story to the youth, what made her to choose this course and University. After this short introduction she started the description of the course and its historic background. The participants of the program could know that, the Community Organizer also includes interesting activities, like the event organization, the settlement development and the adult education. Also, there is no deficit about special subjects, who votes on this course, they can also learn the basics of phycology and the local knowledge. Tündi drew the audience's attention to that, now applicants can only take part in shared training, also to that fact, after their second year what kind of specializations they can choose the young university students. She shared with the interested people that, what needed for the entrance, and the graduation, at this one she highlighted the importance of the volunteering work too. At last, but not least she spoke about, why is this profession is important and who is recommended to go in this direction. After these the youth asked their own questions to Tündi, who answered every question willingly.

The second performer was Dorottya Korsós, who graduated on the Master of Social politics on the University of Debrecen, currently she is in correspondence training at the Faculty of Psychology, so she’s classes are in blocks. She advised young people to opt for classroom education if they could. She explained the conditions of getting in, also the Universities, where the Psychology is facultative. She told that how interesting this faculty is, but she warned her audience to that, just those people applicate to this faculty, who truly determined and diligent, because it is worth counting at least with 9 years who would like to have an own practice and they haven’t finished also because different trainings and specializations are waiting for them, to be really up-to-date in their profession. Those who preserve, they can look forward to a beautiful career, and they can do a lot for the people. During her Sociology studies she was a dormer, so she could present this kind of lifestyle to the young. She said, she got know a lot of people while she lived in the dormitory, also participated on a lot of programs. After her performance she was piled up with questions.

The event was approximately two hours long. While this time the participants got closer to the decision in connection with the career choice and they got richer with a lot of information.


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