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Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Creative workshop – where we help you implement your ideas!

Would you like to make unique gift for your family, friends and loved ones? We help you in this! Here at the KÖZ-Pont Youth Association, you can make a mug and badge with a unique inscription, pattern, after consultation. Also, we help you to the making of creative materials, posters, postcards, certificates, yearbooks.

Our Creative workshop offers the following services:

Badge making:
The badges are the image-valued communicational tools of an event. We can make, pictures, graphics or any kind of inscriptions to the surface of the badge which you can make more spectacular with it. Our Association can make badges in two different size. It can be ordered in two sizes: the small size is 3.2 cm in diameter while the large size is 5.7 cm.
The price of the badge is uniform: 150 HUF / piece

Mug making:
Unique printed mugs, up to each piece with different graphics! With timeless sublimation graphics, in photo quality. The mug with unique photo is a perfect choice for any kind of occasion. It’s a great gift for birthdays, name days, anniversaries. For Valentines’ day and for Christmas either. We also fulfil your order in larger batches for corporate events or for marketing purposes. Popular advertisement and souvenirs in one!
The price of the mug is: 1500Ft / pieces

Creative editing:
We design and edit any it media product what you request, it can be business card, leaflet, poster, invitation card, publication. Write to us your ideas, and we will send the offer. Not everybody has an artistic vein, or a graphics program, so you may need our help.
The price of the edit: 2000Ft / hour

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