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2 August 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Again at the animal shelter

On the previous Saturday, after a month of skipping, we were able to visit the “Together for Animals” Animal Welfare Public Benefit Association again.

To our great fortune, we woke up to sunshine on Saturday and after a longer skip we sat on the bus again to the animal shelter. There were some new volunteers with us, for who I showed around the shelter, then everybody got 1-1 dogs, whom they took for a walk. Those who had been before were immediately interested in their favourite animal.

Sam, our Italian volunteer undertook again the cleaning of the cats’ room for big pleasure of the workers there. The rain from yesterday had no clue, but we expected big mud. The walking on the fresh air charged up everybody.

In my opinion there were less people at the shelter, than usual, because of this we tried to walk more dogs during that 3 hours. On the way to home they youth seemed they were exhausted, but according to them everybody enjoyed and they would like to join us next time too.


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