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2 August 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Furniture assembly in the MALTER Coffeeshop

On a little gloomy, windy Friday afternoon 2 ESC volunteers, also some school community service performer students helped to the coffee shop called MALTER to assemble some furniture.

They gathered at the place and after that the coffee shop’s leader, who waited for the students with nice welcome he led them, meanwhile he spoke about their formulation, also their activities too. After he adjusted them to one of his colleagues, who told to them what the youth’s task will be. One of the tasks was that, they had to polish table racks then paint them, for this they have got some helper tools and then they started the work immediately. The other task was that, they had to put together some IKEA chairs. The polisher contractors became a little dusty and painted, but they didn’t frighten from the other performable tasks, in fact they really enjoyed this activity. For the chair builders liked the work, but sometimes it was hard to screwing in some screws or use one, two parts right use, but despite of this they could build up all of the chairs. At the end they got a little snacks and syrup from the workers there for these hard-working teenagers with skilful hands. All of this wonderful afternoon a common group picture making closed then everybody said goodbye and the co- workers said grateful thanks about they helped the opening of the coffee shop’s terrace opening with their work.


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