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2 August 2021 (monday)

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Handcraft occupation in the Reménysugár Orphanage

On a sunny Saturday the ESC volunteers of Debrecen and two students held a handcraft occupation in the Reménysugár orphanage.

They have gathered in front of the building and then went in, where they were greeted then led them to the room where the handcraft occupation took place. Following this they have prepared and the little children came immediately. One of the volunteer girls showed it, what they will make together. After these the children started to be skilful during that the other volunteers helped to them, if they can’t make something independently. The children really enjoyed the butterfly making. There were who just were there and followed the instructions, there were who constantly talked. But everybody could make deftly their own little butterfly after all. In the remaining time everybody asked for colourful papers there were who was drawing also who was folding something beautiful. It can be said everybody felt good during the activity, the kinds were happy, about they could create something and they were surrounded with love and attention, the volunteers also because they could help to the orphanage and to the children either. After the program they cleaned up and following a common picture shooting everybody walked to home.


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