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2 August 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Once again, an exciting coordinator meeting were implemented in Nyíregyháza

In the usual way, we have kept the coordinator meeting which is on a monthly basis for our young volunteers of European Solidarity Corps. The purpose of the coordinator meeting is to look back to the last month’s activities and do planning for the future in a 4 hours long meeting. Also, this meeting is also suitable for that to the volunteers could take part in trainings to build a team, improve their language skills, and step out from their comfort zone and try out themselves in new and interesting things from month to month.

True to the customs of the Association, none of an activity, event, training can start without a welcome circle, where we could get know that who felt how themselves at the beginning of the meeting, also what was their own favourite moment from the last month. Following this for 15 minutes everybody could feel like a ninja, because we warmed up with a fast-paced, exciting energizer for the next tasks. Our volunteers were participated on 4 different activities in the last month. The happened things on these they have presented to us in different ways, they were pulled out randomly the ways. They have presented the Trip to Miskolc with an exhibition, the Trip to Eger with a news TV show, the ESC meeting with a silent movie and at last the volunteer day which spent with the Menedékház Foundation’s volunteers were presented with a puppet theatre.

As a training we have held a project hour, about that how they can implement a project/event based on a system to get the best out of it. As a practice everybody wrote their project paper about their own event, also the steps of the project. At the end of the meeting there were a little time for planning the future, also for a closing place changer game, where if a statement was true about the volunteer, then their switched places with someone.

This meeting was different a little than the others, because after this Dotyi’s farewell party came next, where we could spend time with her for the last time. The idea of that, Dotyi after this will say goodbye to us it affected the mood of the coordinator meeting too.


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