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2 August 2021 (monday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

Playfully at the Dorkász Service

On 29 th of May we helped again at the Dorkász Service, in total 7 of us we participated in the reviewing and sorting donations.

On a gloomy Saturday some young student, who are performed community service and one ESC volunteer, also a co-worker of Debrecen they have went to the Dorkász Service to help. They have gathered on the bus station and they set off. When they have arrived the woman in charge welcome them, and they said that, their task is that to sort toys. The enthusiastic little youth are started the task immediately they have set up a category system, on the basis of which the toys were selected. Everybody selected the toys with pleasure sometimes they have played a little with some toys, so their childhood’s memories broke out to the surface. In their eyes seemed again the childish glitter and they have shared their childhood experiences among each other self-forgetfully. So, their morning spent in a great mood.

After they successfully selected the toys, the locals were served them with a little snack and with some refresher for this skilful handed hard working team. While they had a rest and eating and drinking, they were talking about the summer plans also the world of the media. While the time spent, they had to prepare, then go, because they had to walk to the bus station. In summary the little teens have worked well and they have felt very well during the morning, so everybody could get to home as satisfied.

There will be an other program of ours on 19 th of June, we are waiting for you with much love, its recommended a previous registration.


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