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17 October 2021 (sunday)

Welcome to the homepage of Centre Youth Association!

The mentor program of the National Youth Council again in the offline space

Between 4 and 6 were organized the National Youth Council’s mentor program’s III. Public life weekend in Gárdony in the VVSI Sport hotel. This weekend’s main focus was in addition to the regional group working the acquaintance of the for-profit organizations’ operation.

The Friday was about the arriving and the attunement to each other. The weekend was opened by Mr. Gergely Mohaly head of department and Zoltán Hegedüs the National Youth Council’s president. This was followed this the regional groups’ presentation, who presented that where are their project is in progress. In the early evening an interesting round table conversation took place, where successful companies’ leaders, delegates introduced themselves and their lifeline. After the dinner the Motolla – Kreatív Üzem’s team held a very exciting team builder occasion.

On Saturday after the breakfast the participants could be witnesses of a journalist debate. After this the Innopod Academy’s training started which is held by their trainers, which brought closer the participants to the operation of the for-profit sector. This training almost lasted on the whole day, because theoretically, and in practice the mentored ones could tried out themselves. In the early evening a round table discussion started about the youth’s social and public activities, then after the dinner the evening was closed with a film club.

On Sunday the participants planted a tree on the strand of the Velencei lake, which is symbolized the Public Life Mentor program 2. grade. Then the regional groupworks are started, about the remaining period and at the end the closing of the weekend.

Projects are slowly coming to the end, because the closing weekend is on July 16-17 will be organized in Budapest.


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