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17 October 2021 (sunday)

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MALTER Debate Club

In the framework of the Hungarian Year of Volunteering in the second week of June, a discussion club on the topic of homelessness was implemented in the MALTER café and they were dissecting social issues. An ESC volunteer of Debrecen, a leader of the association’s and with some youngsters sat to the terrace of the café, where they had a nice conversation over a little syrup and snacks.

In the first round they held a welcome round and a few questions are came up in connection with the homeless people’s future. Among others like: should a homeless person be helped? If yes how they can as the youth can give a helper hand to them. Then experiences could be heard from them, that this world’s people how see a homeless person, what they see in the world how they are treat a person who gets out to the streets. Then because it was a debate club after a statement which was that: A homeless person never can stand up on their feet by their self. Reasons are born mostly agreeing with that yes, they need someone who helps them to that to live and start a better and new life. But there were like who brought an counter-argument in connection with the statement, according to him an indigent man could stand up in his feet it’s just only needs willingness and a little creativity because nothing is impossible. The ESC volunteer who moderated the whole conversation at the end she asked the students what they would do if they become a homeless by tomorrow, and they have nothing, what they would do? Better and better ideas came up from them, there were who would go to the countryside and would take easy jobs at peasant houses to get money, there were who would go to the woods and try to survive or find an abandoned house somewhere. In summary it can be told that the youth felt very well on this conversation, and everybody spoke to it meaningfully to the topic and they have spent a really good afternoon together for discuss a noble business.


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